Taking on the creation of more ambitious and technically advanced games, People Can Fly studio needed a trusted partner to enhance their team so they turned to us.

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Being home to exceptional engineers and designers, Dragon’s Lake Entertainment ensured a smooth integration into the client’s team on managerial, creative, and engineering levels.

Working as a natural part of the development team we covered a wide range of challenges adding value to every aspect of the game we touched and helping to bring this title to PC, PS4 / PS5, Xbox One / Xbox Series X.

Outriders solution
key highlights
  • Improved the cover system decreasing level loading time
  • Improved player movement system
  • Implemented gamepads supportand vendor specific features for Sony,Xbox, Steam, and Nintendo controllers.
Rendering & UI
  • Provided full support on migrating existing UI to Coherent GT along with fixing most of the related issues and providing our own optimizations to the product
  • Integrated Nvidia’s DLSS support into the engine and made necessary adjustments to the rendering pipeline to get the best performance and visual quality.
  • Integrated network compression reducing the amount of network data transferred betweenplayers
  • Integrated anti-cheat system and related metrics
  • Integrated the game with online stores with full cross-platform multiplayer support.
client says

We have been working with Dragons Lake for 3 years, starting from the Bulletstorm Switch port. The team did well on the project, but Outriders was much more complex and demanding in terms of technology and team integration. Dragons Lake dispelled all our doubts and far exceeded our expectations showing deep expertise and timely adapting to the changing project needs.

Jarek Surowiec
Jarek Surowiec
Technical Director

People Can Fly studio is recognized for its innovative and technological products, therefore the standards for performance are very high. We are proud that we were able to meet our partner’s expectations through creating and adjusting gameplay features, bug fixes, optimizations, and tweaks in all areas of the game.
We are also grateful for the decision to expand our partnership and the opportunity to further developing this stunning title.

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