Counterplay Games developed Godfall for PC and PS5 platforms but needed a trusted partner to help port and optimize the PS4 version of the game. The PS4 porting and optimization process ran parallel to the PS5 and PC development to ensure a timely release window.

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The client set a list of specific performance goals for us. Dragon's Lake began its work with an in-depth analysis of the project to identify the key bottlenecks, challenges, and solutions needed.

We defined the team of top-notch engineers and technical artists and made sure it integrated seamlessly into the client's development process.
In close collaboration with the client's team, we created a strategic development plan complete with technical tasks, milestones, and a timeline to match Counterplay Games' goals and deadlines.
The porting process included a massive amount of various optimization work, as well as implementing PS4 platform-specific requirements and fixing bugs.
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key highlights
CPU optimizations:

Was necessary to reach target performance

  • Blueprints optimizationb UI/Slate optimization
  • Physics optimization
  • Navigation and AI optimization
  • Animation optimization
GPU & Art optimizations:

Was necessary to reduced load on both GPU and CPU

  • Shader instructions adjustment
  • Shadow optimization
  • Adjusting assets and LODs
  • Post-processing adjustment
  • Material adjustment
  • Particles adjustments
  • Tessellation adjustments
Memory usage optimization:

Was necessary to squeeze the game build PS4 into around 4.5-5GB

  • art optimization,
  • streaming optimization,
  • audio optimizations,
  • memory waste optimizations,
  • lots of other smaller improvements in particular areas
client says

DLE was instrumental in the successful porting of Godfall to PS4. The team has exceptional understanding of the engine and is immensely knowledgeable in console limitations. They provided outside the box solutions to our unique challenges, and were 100% dedicated even under extreme pressure. DLE has been an important partner for Counterplay Games and provided the support we needed and more.

Heather Poon
Heather Poon
Outsource & Partnerships Director, Counterplay Games

Despite a very tight and challenging schedule for the estimated amount of work, especially for the target performance requirements of stable 30 fps, Dragon’s Lake demonstrated a high level of competence with precision quality standards that provided technically perfect solutions.

Thanks to the great cooperation with the client’s team, we achieved the goal of delivering superior results using technical and porting expertise, quality standards, and optimization know-how.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on such a great title and excited about our chance to further develop this beautiful game along with our partners at Counterplay Games.

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