Our client needed a trusted partner to bring Astroneer to Nintendo Switch. As the proven track record of successful porting of complex and demanding games to the Switch was the main criteria, the client made a decision to entrusted their game to Dragons Lake.

The overall task was to make a turn-key port from initial evaluation and analysis to the store certification and submission. The Switch version was supposed to include all the functionality and features from the original game, despite the limited performance of the target platform.

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Based on the client request and results from the evaluation stage, we came out with the precise project estimation, detailed milestone-based development plan, and a list of key challenges to overcome.

Dragons Lake set a team of top-notch engineers and technical artists who optimized every aspect of the game and fixed all encountered bugs and problems.

Astroneer solution
key highlights
Voxel engine

The game has a voxel-based open world with full destructibility as one of the main features.

Our engineers have done an incredible job of making the game’s voxel engine run smoothly on the weakest of today’s gaming consoles. Optimization included both CPU, GPU & memory consumption aspects.

By doing this, we have provided players the same gaming experience as on higher-performance platforms without any compromises on the gameplay & visuals side.

Local multiplayer

Since the multiplayer was a core element of the original game, an important task for the team was to bring it to Nintendo’s platform and enhance it with a Switch-specific feature – local multiplayer.

To achieve that, engineers made the console itself work as the server and handled all the related calculations internally.

In-Game Store

We understood the importance of the in-game store for the client’s business model, so we paid special attention to this task. Development team built it from scratch and did integration with Microsoft Azure Playfab.

client says

Dragons Lake was one of several teams we approached about porting our project to Switch, which had many unknowns. We felt confident in their ability based on their previous experience on porting a similar game. During the height of development, the response time of the team was fast and they were happy to integrate into our processes and work with us, even managing the difference in time zones. We appreciated their flexibility and wilingness to approach challenges head-on. The project passed certification and we’re excited for a successful launch!

Aimee E. Smith,
Aimee E. Smith,
Sr. Producer - External Partners | System Era Softworks

Our team did an incredible job porting a complex open-world multiplayer game with a voxel engine and fully destructible environments to a console with very limited performance. We took full responsibility for the game certification and submission process, effectively managing internal and external resources. We have proven our ability to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. And our attention to the clients’ needs and preferences has started another strong and trusted partnership.

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