In the ever-changing realm of the gaming industry, Dragons Lake shines brightly as we reflect on the triumphs and innovations that characterized our journey through 2023. This retrospective unveils a narrative of resilience and creativity, spotlighting groundbreaking releases, technological leaps, and enduring partnerships. Join us as we highlight the key achievements that shaped our remarkable year.

Great Year - Great Releases

In 2023, we were delighted to witness the long-awaited outcomes of our endeavors on various projects that have now come to fruition. 

A few years after its official release, Life Is Strange 2 finally came to Nintendo Switch. This achievement stands out for our team, reflecting our dedication and extensive experience poured into this challenging project.

Also, the long-awaited release of Meet Your Maker took place at the beginning of the year. Dragons Lake helped our Canadian partners from Behaviour Interactive to port the game centered around user-generated content and we are proud of the result of this collaboration.

And this marked merely the initiation of an entire series of remarkable accomplishments and outstanding collaborations!

Building Bonds through Long-Term Collaboration

Dragons Lake takes immense pride in our enduring and fruitful long-term partnership with Supermassive Games. We are grateful for the confidence Supermassive Games has placed in us, and these projects stand as a symbol of our shared commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences. 

"Our collaboration with Supermassive Games has been a phenomenal journey in 2023, showcasing the power of teamwork and creative synergy. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our talented team, we take pride in contributing to these immersive gaming experiences. By customizing our solutions to align with the unique goals of Supermassive Games, we ensure that our collaborations are not just projects but shared success stories." – Illya Kucherenko, Senior Producer of PC/Console Service Line at Room 8 Group.

Dragons Lake is honored to have a longstanding partnership on the number of Call of Duty titles. The trust placed in us by Activision and Infinity Ward has been pivotal in crafting exceptional gaming experiences.

“The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III in 2023 stands out as one of the most remarkable achievements, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality and immersive gaming content. We are grateful for the continued collaboration and look forward to pushing boundaries together in the dynamic world of game development”, -  Iuliia Stasenko, Project Manager of PC/Console Service Line at Room 8 Group.

Responsive Communication and Flexibility

Effective and responsive communication is a cornerstone of Dragons Lake's collaboration model. According to our VP of Sales, Anna Berdnyk, "In the dynamic world of game development, adaptability is key. We maintain an open dialogue with our clients, ensuring that their evolving needs are met promptly. This flexibility contributes to the agility and success of our collaborative efforts."

A pivotal moment in 2023 was the launch of the dark fantasy action RPG Lords of the Fallen, a product of our collaboration with CI Games. Dragons Lake team poured their expertise and passion into crafting an immersive and challenging gaming experience, and the outcomes fill us with pride.

"As Dragons Lake evolves, our clients remain at the heart of our journey. Together, we aim to explore new horizons and set new standards, ensuring that our collaborations continue to define the pinnacle of excellence in game development. Lords of the Fallen project is a great example of where clients' trust became the key to great results", - says Vladimir Ivanov, Technical Director of Dragons Lake.

Head of PC/Console Service Line at Room 8 Group, Sergii Miroshnychenko.