Dragons Lake helps Counterplay games bring bestselling PS5 Godfall to PS4

Dragons Lake Entertainment (DLE) is proud to announce that it has been helping Counterplay Games port their stunning PC and PS5 game, the loot-driven third-person, real-time melee combat RPG Godfall to the PS4. Fully integrated with Counterplay Games, DLE focused its engineering and technical art talents on porting and optimization, which was done in parallel with the PC and PS5 versions.

"The PC and PS5 version of Godfall is a marvel, from an artistic, esthetic, and performance standpoint. We were tasked with having to re-create the game’s performance, fidelity levels, and player experience, but on PS4.
When we first came to the project, there were only, at most, a handful of development studios trying to optimize next generation games for previous generation consoles. Best practices were non-existent. Our partners at Counterplay Games trusted us to create a workable solution to bring Godfall to PS4 while ensuring that players would have an identical gaming experience."

Sergii Miroshnychenko, CEO, Dragon’s Lake Entertainment

Beginning with an estimation process, DLE analyzed potential bottlenecks and challenges to create a detailed plan with aggressive milestones and a timeline to ensure an on-time delivery with console parity that would provide players with a great experience. CPU, GPU, and Art optimizations were necessary to reach target performance and fidelity level requirements on limited-frequency PS4 cores while reducing the load on both GPU and CPU.

"An issue that developers are currently running into when porting next-generation titles to previous generation consoles is memory and the solution requires expertly optimizing art, streaming, audio, and other minor improvements to ensure a smaller footprint on previous generation consoles. We were able to create a PS4 version on par with the PS5 that looks, performs, and plays great."

Sergii Miroshnychenko

Dragons Lake Entertainment, part of the Room 8 Group portfolio, focuses on AAA and AA+ PC and console game development, is ISO certified, and licensed by PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo. Dragons Lake Entertainment’s expertise is in full game development, co-development, and porting to all platforms including next-gen consoles. Over the past two years, Dragons Lake Entertainment has grown 20x to more than 130 team members worldwide.

Dragons Lake Entertainment is one of two brands in Room 8 Group’s portfolio, the other being Room 8 Studio which focuses on mobile game development and full art production. Collectively they have played a creative role in the development of some of the most indelible video games from innovative partners such as 505 Games, Activision, Annapurna Interactive, CD Projekt Red, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Playtika, Rovio, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and others.
Room 8 Group is rapidly growing and looking for talented creative people to join their team to work on some of the most impressive games in the world. Interested applicants can apply at the Room 8 Group website.

Dragons Lake Entertainment

Dragons Lake Entertainment is a PC/console video games development studio focused on heavy engineering and robust game development solutions using the team’s profound UE and custom / proprietary engines expertise as well as creating IP. Built around industry professionals with a focus on AAA production who have worked on some of the most well-known AAA titles over the years the company’s multicultural team of 100+ experts is distributed around Europe and Americas. https://dragonslakecom.wpengine.com/

Room 8 Group

Room 8 Group is a video game holding company uniting highly focused expert teams that provide external game development services worldwide. It comprises two studios: Dragon’s Lake Entertainment for AAA console and PC game development, and Room 8 Studio for full SKUs mobile games as well as all aspects of art production. The studios can be leveraged individually or at a group level as they work together within a single ecosystem. The Group is ISO certified and licensed to work on all gaming platforms including next-generation consoles. We work with Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, 505 Games, CD Projekt Red, Annapurna Interactive, Rovio, Gameloft, and others on the most innovative gaming and entertainment experiences on all platforms. https://room8group.com/

Room 8 Studio

The Studio covers a range of high-end solutions from free-to-play mobile gaming and high-end consoles porting to AAA game art, as well as cinematics and trailers business. In the market since 2011 with more than 600 professionals, Room 8 Studio is one of the fastest growing solution providers in the industry working with 7 out of the global top 10 game publishers. The company operates production and business sites in the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, and Ukraine. https://room8studio.com/