Another employee milestone passed: now our team has 150 professionals who are highly motivated and passionate about creating amazing gaming experiences for players around the world! We are rapidly growing our capacity to meet the expectations of our clients. 

“We are proud to announce that our team has grown to 150 people. It's been a long way since we started and we're grateful for each new person who joined us along the way. Thank all of you for your hard work and dedication.”

Sergii Miroshnychenko, CEO of Dragons Lake.

Dragons Lake is always looking for new ways to help our clients create the best games possible, whether that means we're opening new locations, employing new specialists, or expanding our service lines. 

As our team grows, so does our portfolio. With each new project, we create more opportunities for our team members to be part of something special.

Check our career page to view new job opportunities 👉🏻