Bluelight recently announced a game based on the first crypto-animation show, Take My Muffin (TMM), that is set to be produced by Dragons Lake.  

“We’re genuinely happy to take on this new exciting project. Bluelight will feature cutting-edge technologies like NFTs and item ownership that will also facilitate the player’s multiverse experience in the future. The game is currently at the active stage of development, and we’ll make sure that the game meets and even exceeds players’ expectations.”

Sergii Miroshnychenko, CEO, Dragons Lake 

The main storyline of TMM series follows a unicorn Corney who has discovered his supernatural abilities to generate billion-dollar startup ideas. After losing his memory due to a road accident, he strikes a deal with a three-eyed business-cat Rok (who has its nefarious agenda) to regain his powers.   

The Bluelight game was announced at a recent event at a former Coca-Cola’s facility in Cyprus. It was said that the game would be an economic strategy set in a fictional world of TMM, aka “the acid-trip simulator of Silicon Valley.” Players will be allowed to create and grow their own startups, compete in PvP battles, and achieve various milestones to score points that can be later spent on recruiting team members and other improvements.

“Bluelight is a game for a rapidly growing audience of young technological entrepreneurs who understand how real-life startups operate and can provide bright ideas and manage teams and capital constraints. The ultimate goal is to grow your business from a small company to a full-scale multiverse corporation.

Certainly, there are various ways to achieve this goal, and you are free to choose whichever you like. You can complete versatile projects and invest in growth, build multiple companies simultaneously (see how it feels to be in Elon Musk’s shoes), or help someone manage their properties. We have multiple opportunities planned as you progress through the game, and the available mechanics will evolve accordingly.”

Andrew Moroz, CEO, Bluelight

About Dragons Lake

Dragons Lake is a part of Room 8 Group’s umbrella of design and development studios that produce AAA and AA PC and console games. It is ISO certified and licensed by PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Dragons Lake’s expertise is in full game development, co-development, and porting to all platforms, including next-gen consoles. Over the past two years, Dragons Lake has grown 20x to more than 200+ team members worldwide.

About Take My Muffin

Take My Muffin is a crypto-animation show made by Toonbox – the same studio that brought viewers Mr. Freeman. TMM is funded by a crypto community that supports the series by purchasing NFT tokens. 

About Bluelight

Bluelight is a strategy RPG game co-produced by Dragons Lake and based on the TMM fictional universe. Although Bluelight features familiar TMM characters, players can explore the game without significantly knowing a backstory. For more information about Bluelight, please follow this link