Senior Level Designer

Location: Brazil, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom
Languages: Upper-Intermediate

Dragons Lake is a top-of-its-class, multi-genre game development studio, providing advanced tech and design solutions for AAA/AA+ projects on PC & Consoles. It functions in association with Room 8 Group. We unite game dev professionals worldwide, working on high-end titles, co-developing, and porting with leading AAA publishers and developers in the industry. 

Join this phenomenal team of professionals delivering creative and tech services, and bring games to the next level with Dragons Lake.

We are looking for a talented Senior Level Designer who is devoted to creating great gameplay experiences and memorable game worlds and would help us create top-notch open-world game experiences with our partnered AAA titles for PC and Consoles.

Expectations are clear:

  • 5+ years of industry experience in a Level Design role;
  • Minimum of 1 Shipped AAA title in a relevant genre;
  • Experience with popular or proprietary game engines;
  • Exceptional sense for pacing, rhythm, and flow of gameplay;
  • Understanding of moment-to-moment experience in games and how to control it through level and mission design;
  • High level of spatial thinking and perception of spaces in games;
  • Good understanding of Mission Design and some visual scripting competency;
  • Experience creating documentation, maps, pacing/flow graphs, and diagrams;
  • Able to create or conform to established naming conventions, workflows, internal pipelines, and guidelines;
  • Proactive work ethic, capable and creative problem solver, not afraid of big challenges, but also seeks feedback and interprets what is said and what isn’t across the team;
  • Work towards a common goal, collaborate with other departments, and play the balancing act between gameplay, artistic, and technical goals;
  • A passionate gamer at heart, with vast and up-to-date knowledge of video games;
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written.

You’re a rockstar if you have:

  • Good grasp of Unreal Engine;
  • More advanced mission and event implementation skills through visual scripting tools;
  • Basic knowledge of architecture;
  • Artistic skills (modeling, drawing, painting, etc.);
  • Variety of different game genres in a CV/Portfolio like action adventures, RPGs, Competitive shooters, etc. 

Becoming one of the Dragons you will:

  • Develop level layouts with excellent flow and balancing, while following the game’s creative vision;
  • Implement gameplay events to high quality, focusing on creating and implementing unique player experiences; 
  • Iterate your work through play-testing, usability, and feedback from peers & leads;
  • Participate in prototyping to prove early design concepts;
  • Run and/or participate in meetings, reviews, and planning sessions as part of effective communication with design and other teams — both internal and external;
  • Be a team player and know how to play a balanced game between gameplay, aesthetics, and technical restrictions, to achieve the team’s common goal;
  • Mentor and develop less experienced level design team members.

Grow with us, we’ve got you covered:

  • Competitive financial reward (yes, we are fair enough);
  • Challenges to raise your XP score (professional training and conferences, internal mentorships, and English courses);
  • Private medical care, paid vacation, and sick leave;
  • A culture of diversity and inclusion that unites the most outstanding talents;
  • A community of people who understand and share your passion for games.

Join Dragons Lake and take on challenges you’ve always dreamed of.